Father & Son fishing with Capt Chris

My Son Jeff and I had a great time fishing the back waters with Chris. april 2010. We caught Snook and sea trout on a windy April day. It was a great family experience and Chris made the day fun . He has great knowledge and helped my son with his casting and presentation. My son came home and told the rest of the family s o We are coming back in late June to use chris 0on a Tarpoon and back water adventure

Scott Rush, Owner of San Carlos Marine

To whom it may concern, I happen to be Capt. Chris’ dad, however, I was born and raised in Florida and have fished my whole life. I have been involved in the marine business to some capacity for over 36 years. Over the last 32 years of operating San Carlos Marine and as many as two stores simultaneously, I have been exposed to thousands of fishermen and hundreds of guides.

Chris is one of the finest fishermen I have ever met. He thinks fish. He knows where they are and how to play with them. He shows folks a great time on the water, can catch what ever is available at that time, and let folks have fun in some nice equipment. He also has the wonderful fortune of being married to a lovely outdoor girl who also has the ability to handle a boat well and catch fish.

I highly recommend this winning combination of fishermen to anyone. I would caution most however, if you plan on fishing a tournament against them, save yourself some time and give them your money, they will probably win anyhow! Charter them for a great time on the water. I unreservedly recommend them. Sincerely, Scott Rush owner and general manager of San Carlos Marine

Dave Fiederlein, NY

If you get the chance to fish with Chris Rush, DON’T MISS IT! Chris has taught my grandchildren to fish, drive a flats boat, hunt wild hogs, and learn to appreciate being in the outdoors. This was no small feat as they were very young when this journey began. Some of the photos that are on display on the web site include the boys, Robert and Brandon, with their catches.

They include many snook and redfish, and Robert’s first tarpon which he caught on a spinning rod in Pine Island sound in April 2007. Capt. Chris has also tutored my granddaughters, Kayla, Alexi, Callie, and Francesca (Frankie), with all of them starting at age 4. Chris is at ease fishing with little children, world class fly fisherman or beginners who just want to catch fish.

It doesn’t matter if you want to fish live bait or artificial lures — you will catch fish! Capts. Chris and Lacy are world class SWF fishing guides that have won many fishing tournaments in Florida as well. I have fished with Chris from Charlotte Harbor to Biscayne Bay in the Keys and we have never failed to catch fish. Tarpon, permit, bonefish, redfish, and snook, not to mention a world record 10 lb line class redfish that weighed 43 lbs. near Pine Island. On the same day my grandson Robert caught a 36” redfish and Brandon caught a 22” redfish. What a great day! Thanks Capt Chris Rush