What’s happening in 2012 with RushCharters. Fishing — Shelling — Sightseeing — and more!

Looking forward to fishing with each and every one of you in 2012. RushCharters is giving ya’ll a heads up on the hottest bite times 2012 has to offer:

  • Book your trips around the best tides of the year to guarantee the most outrageous fishing.
  • 7 days before and after the full moon is always best.
  • Night fishing during the full moon is stellar, even on cooler nights.
  • Fishing during the new moon at its darkest stages is when our day charters get worked.
  • Ask us about the “Hill” tide fishing in May and June…this is truly one of the greatest spectacles in the fishing world! 10,000 tarpon simultaneously feeding on the crab flow in Boca Grande.
  • Take a peak at the tides before you book your trip, depending on where you are staying it give you your best chance at that killer bite.

Call or email us and we will be happy to help you customize your trip to give you the “RUSH” you’ve been waiting for.

Port Sanibel Marina

We’ve joined a great team of fishing guides and we are now calling Port Sanibel Marina our charter fishing home.

No more paying $10 to park, enjoy free parking and clean restrooms!

Grab a bite to eat or a drink at the Lighthouse Restaurant located next the Marina before or after your trip.

Boat & Kayak rentals are also available if you’re looking to try something new just give them a call to reserve 239-437-1660.Webmaster | Post a Comment | Share ArticleThursdayDec222011

Raker Family Fishing with Rush Charters

Sanibel Harbour Oyster Grounds: December 21, 2011
We had a great time with Captain Chris of Rush Charters fishing Sanibel Harbour and Pine Island waters.

Our group landed over 17 Redfish, 14 Speckled Sea Trout & 1 Jack Crevalle.

Betty caught the first and last fish of the day. Her 28+” Redfish set a a high bar for the day!

Kenny & Betty worked both the port and starboard sides of our 25’ Morgan hauling in these Speckled Sea Trout!

John lost a big Red in the morning but made up for it late in the day with the Big Red Catch of the Day measuring a whopping 32+”

Art brought in a MONSTER Speckeld Sea Trout in our afternoon oyster bed fishing spot that was 24”

Enjoyed great weather, wonderful captain and excellent fishing. The day also brought multiple dolphin sightings as well as Bald Eagle, Osprey, Ibis and other saltwater birds in gourgeous surroundings.

Hope to go out on the kayaks this week and go for Snook & Snapper!


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Fishing Forecast for September/October, Book a Trip Online

Just today as I was sitting down to write my forecast, the phone rang and a potential customer was calling us for information on fishing in september and whether or not it was a good time of year to bring his son down to fish. As he asked if there is anything in season…..I just had to think to myself, what’s not in season!?

It isn’t just a good time of year to be fishing it is freaking spectacular! Over the years I have found myself enjoying the fishing in the fall of the year just about more than any other time. Our numbers of just about all fish species we catch are up in September and October the most. Our inshore fishing will be rocking especially for the big knarley spawning redfish. When our reds are schooling up to spawn, their hunger level will be at its peak of the year. Catching these fish on artifical especially topwater is your best bang. Because «most» of the time they are really willing to eat so these reds can be pretty rad this time of year. You’ll find these fish on the edges of flats on the falling water and up on top of the oyster bars on high tide in Southwest FL.

Snook fishing will continue to be boiling hot up until we get those northly fronts pushing there nasty selves down upon on us warm weather loving folks. If you want to yank one out of the mangroves pitch a live pilchard. This time of year we like to «load» up on lots of bait so that we have the ability to really lay the chum on hard before these fish are filling up. Before it cools off those bruisers will be easy to spot once they start smashing chum on the surface.  Mixed bags of trout and pompano can be caught on the flats along with spanish mack’s. Look for the balls of glass minnows on the beaches that we get this time of year in those pods you’ll find the silver kings still happy to be putting on a show for our customers. These big girls are still around throughout the fall and can be targeted with much success.

Offshore fishing will be on like crazy with grouper season poppin’ open in September we can start thinning out these overpopulated tastey little critters. I hate to guarantee anything in the fishing world but a limit of gags is as good of a guarantee as we can give anyone on a charter. We are just seeing so many of them around fishing and spearfishing that we feel super confident on an amazing year for them. Fishing for these pit bulls on 50lb power pro and a hand sized pinfish will do the trick evertime. Along with grouper, cobia, and permit will still be found in great numbers on some the sweet offshore numbers we have out there. With such a variety of extremely good fishing to be had Southwest FL is the place to be fishing as the high pressure systems start to stir up north. Come book a trip with us and get ready to fall in love with early fall!! 

Flyfishing for Tarpon with RushCharters.com

RushCharters.com had an EPIC FLYFISHING season so far this year…If you’re interested in catching a adult TARPON on fly check out this video BLACK & PURPLE. Great client of ours Rick, his son Jeff, and his friends got on a GIANT WAD of tarpon that most likely just came back from spawning offshore and were READY to CHOW. ENJOY FOLKS.

Black and Purple from Rush Charters on Vimeo.

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